Shenzhen Justsun Supply Chain Co., Ltd  founded in 2009, is a subsidiary corporation of Xiamen Justsun Group. After years of unremitting efforts, Shenzhen Justsun builds a relatively sound supply chain solution in the fields of mobile phones, televisions, PC,furniture,, clothing and so on, providing customized supply chain integration services for numerous partners and realizing the creation of supply chain value based on its specialized supply chain solution group and four-in-one management platform. Over the years, Shenzhen Justsun has developed rapidly and created significant achievements continuously, with a total volume of import and export of $8.6 billion. It is awarded with honorary titles such as China’s Quality Reliable Enterprise, AEO-certified Enterprise, China’s Foreign Trade Export Leading Index (ELI) Exemplary Enterprise and etc., as well as those from provincial, municipal and industrial authority.