Founded in the “Garden on the Sea” - Xiamen in 1997, Justsun Group operates as one of the national pilot enterprises dedicated to providing foreign trade comprehensive services.


Justsun Group provides foreign trade enterprises with comprehensive services of information, data, finance, customs clearance, logistics, tax refund, foreign exchange, etc., and builds a service ecosystem where governments, large enterprises and SMEs coexist and interact with one another. With a commitment to innovation since its establishment, Justsun has expanded its business from trade services to innovative supply chain services, to Internet-based, comprehensive foreign trade services. With a professional team and powerful resources, Justsun creatively integrates supply chain management, information technology and regional industries, provides O2O supply chain solutions and facilitates high-quality foreign trade. Over the past 20 years, Justsun has built its business presence in about 200 countries and regions, achieving a total import-export service amount of over 100 billion RMB.


Justsun has been honored as National Pilot Enterprise of Foreign Trade Comprehensive Service, AEO-certified Enterprise,China Top 500 Enterprises of Service Industry, China Top 100 General Trade Export Enterprises , AAAA Logistics Enterprise, Pilot Project of National E-commerce Demo City, Ministry of Commerce-approved E-commerce Model Enterprise .


Justsun has always developed in tune with the trends and rapidly adapted to external changes, and aligned its enterprise strategies with national strategies. After the Belt and Road initiative was proposed by the central government, Justsun has made active responses and established Justsun Belt and Road Project Team to help more domestic enterprises go global and elevate their positions in global supply chain with Justsun's services. With its favorable, thoughtful and warm services, Justsun helps domestic companies get access to international markets, exports raw and supporting materials and machines, performs industrial upgrading according to market needs, promotes a number of countries and regions where it has businesses improve various supporting facilities and increases capacity for joint benefits. The Belt and Road projects based in Bangladesh, Malaysia and Africa have been gradually implemented.


We should stay true to initial dream, remain mobilized for new endeavors and move forward by changing impossibilities into possibilities. In the future, Justsun will highlight integrated foreign trade services, head office building project, smart logistics, the Belt and Road initiative, capital platform and productive capacity cooperation, to continuously improve quality, realize value growth, and plan for the future, thereby constructing an international supply chain ecosystem.