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Love is the common behavior of lives on Earth. Love, with nature of blessing and caring for all, is the symbol for a health and harmonious society. The cores of love culture include respect, tolerance, integrity, smart, kindness, wisdom, bravery, forgiveness, filial and fraternal affection. We need to love ourselves, love others, love work, love enterprise and love the society. At Justsun, we pass love, promote love, and establish the spirit of love, as a manifestation of social responsibility, an interpretation of social value, and a land of promise for a lasting enterprise.


Innovation is the prime power for social development, and the only drive for continuous enterprise development. An enterprise must always strive for innovation, stay for better and prepare for the raining day; stay curious, be eager for learning, keep thinking, be willing to try, and be courageous for failure. As to innovation itself, it means not only for our ideology, but also for our behavior, mode and process. We encourage innovation, create the space for innovation, and provide attractive mechanism for inspiring innovation. Innovation must be converted to work efficiency enhancement, operation risk avoidance, and competitive advantage acquisition, and finally the choice of the customer.


"Love and innovation"are rooted in Justsun's gene and the serious commitment for best service quality and service attitude.