Encapsulating the legacy for great love, since its establishment, Justsun has always been practicing the enterprise spirit for spreading loves and benefits to others. With great love culture, Justsun people are motivated to love themselves, others and the society, to appreciate life and the society, to spread and carry forward broad love by making their own contribution, to highlight its social responsibility, to expound social value and to nourish the evergreen business life.

Justsun established the Justsun Charity Foundation in June 2008. Since the foundation of Justsun Fund, Justsun Group has fulfilled its social responsibility by its own practical action all along. A rough statistics shows that the company has donated more than 4.1 million RMB.

As a key organization of Justsun, Justsun Charity Foundation has developed normalized systems. Every year, we will invest a fixed amount to the Fund with more and more employees participating in these public benefit activities. Guided by the concept of big love and gratitude, Justsun will fulfill its social responsibilities and demonstrate its corporate value in practicing in charity and paying the society.