"When you drink water, think of its source; when you are better-off, be grateful to all your blessings." An enterprise cannot pursue development without support of the whole society. The mission of an enterprise is to maximize the social wealth to benefit the society. Justsun will contribute every bit in the social welfare and environmental protection to boost spiritual civilization in Xiamen.
On September 15, 2016, Xiamen was violently attacked by super typhoon Meranti. Over 200 Justsun volunteers under the guidance of President Li Dongmin helped remove damaged branches and barriers on roads for four consecutive days.
In Justsun's anniversary celebration event held on November 18 each year, charity bazaar has become a traditional celebration way for staff of Justsun. The 18th Anniversary Charity Bazaar received 115,028 RMB which was all donated for charity purposes.
On November 15, 2015, Tang Dan, General Manager of Shenzhen Justsun went to Grand Meisha Beach with a team for environmental protection by removing plastic bottles, plastic bags, cigarette tips, cullet and other wastes left on the beach, demonstrating Justsun's great love culture.
On November 10, 2016, 15 Justsun representatives led by He Hongxiang, Deputy General Manager of General Manager Office at Shenzhen Justsun went to Shenzhen Min'ai Orphanage for extending their care and love to children, with stationery sets, nutritional snacks and blessing cards handwritten by all Justsun people as gifts to children there.
On March 28, 2015, Justsun Group and Xiamen Experiment Elementary School jointly held the “Green Home Protection Starts with Earth Hour” activity, which was designed to arouse people's awareness for environmental protection and encourage everyone to make environment-friendly changes in daily life.
Each year since 2012, Justsun sends 8 employees to serve as traffic wardens for the Traffic Supervision activity held by Jialian Street, Siming District. The two-day traffic supervision each year means Justsun's supports for building a beautiful Xiamen and helps Xiamen continuously improve civilized traffic environment.