Established in 2015, Xiamen Justsun Hezhong Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Xiamen Justsun Group that is responsible for construction, operation and management of Justsun International Head Office Building. Located at the southwest of Guanyinshan area, Justsun International Head Office Building covers lands designated for commerce purpose and business purpose, totaling 4,018 square meters. The planned floor areas for office space, business space, and parking space & other facilities will be 26,100 square meters, 2,500 square meters and 15,545.81 square meters, respectively. This building will be an international class A office building that provides functions such as class A office, conference, business, fitness and catering, as well as a number of supporting services.
For the business space, it is planned that 1 bank or securities investment institution, 3-5 international purchasers and raw material suppliers, 10-20 quality manufacturers and 3-5 venture investment and fund companies will be introduced. Commercial part will be mainly oriented for leisure and catering, fashion retail and cross-border e-commerce, with some canteens and leisure facilities provided for enterprises. According to project plan, commerce office and business buildings will be included and buildings will consist of a main tower and a podium. The main tower is 129.4m in height of 28 floors, with 4 floors underground and 4 floors at podium. With an investment of about 605 million RMB, planned construction period of this project is from 2016 to 2019.