Quanzhou Justsun Supply Chain Co., Ltd settled in Nan’an, Quanzhou in 2011, is a subsidiary corporation of Xiamen Justsun Group. The company focuses on the export of bulk commodity like clothing, shoes and hats, bags, plumbing, electronics and so on. Its performance improves every year relying on Nan’an’s geographic advantages. In 2017, the company's export volume amounted to 230 million dollars, the first in General Service, the sixth in foreign trade reprehensively in Quanzhou, Quanzhou Justsun, rooted in the Quanzhou market, provide serves for the local entity enterprises, and has make many innovations to improve the foreign trade supply chain service, and become the frontier of the comprehensive service industry in Fujian province. The company has been honored as AEO advanced Enterprise, the Pilot Enterprise of Foreign Trade Comprehensive Service of Fujian and Quanzhou Top 100 Service Company.