Through innovating new concepts, new technologies and new modes for supply chain development, with the aid of "Internet-based, comprehensive foreign trade service platform", Justsun efficiently pool various resources to integrate point-to-point order flows, material flows, fund flows and information flows in supply chain, thereby providing more optimized supply chain solutions, pushing technology-based progresses for foreign trade enterprises and realizing coordinated innovations between upstream and downstream supply chains. Through platform and science oriented management, Justsun helps SMEs properly integrate orders, combine long and short-term orders, pack different orders into a big order reasonably and optimize order configuration by providing order processing, process design, production management and control and import & export services. In addition, Justsun offers one-stop professional integrated foreign trade services for export-oriented producers including these regarding vessel scheduling and container ordering, document preparation, commodity inspection, custom declaration, letter of credit, insurance, incoming payment, settlement and tax refund, so that producers can concentrate on product development and production, which serves to promote division of work and advantage complementation, and improve enterprise effectiveness and competitiveness. Also through intervening into order process, it provides supply chain financial services for partners with funds demand in various stages to help enterprises shorten accounts receivable cycle and accelerate its capital turnover and liquidity.