Informatization has become an important technical measure for the economic restructuring and industrial upgrading in China. As a new technical means, e-commerce will ignite revolution in the commerce service industry. At the same time, as a new commerce mode, supply chain covers logistics, storage, quality inspection, customs declaration and clearance, and financing, thus being comprehensive. Therefore, supply chain should be integrated with the informatization means of e-commerce, so as to strengthen efficiency and competitiveness.


As a comprehensive management service provider for international supply chain, Justsun Group applied to National Development and Reform Commission in 2012 to try new operation mode combining “offline and online” through application of e-commerce technical means in the supply chain of clothing import and export trade. Furthermore, Justsun will form standardized technical procedures which will later be promoted to other businesses and projects. National Development and Reform Commission has approved this project. In order to ensure better implementation of this project, Justsun Group has established supply chain and e-commerce research center, so as to study the project implementation, future development and extension.