Justsun International Building is located in middle part of Guanyinshan International Business Operation Center, Xiamen, China. The project's land area is 4,018 square meters and gross floor area is 45,500 square meters. With the opportunity for great development of Xiamen Area of Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone and Siming District's head-office cluster, and with the aid of resources from Xiamen Justsun Group, Justsun International is proposed to be developed into a Xiamen-based international and modern head office building linking the world, forming a regional head office on the basis of supply chain plus.


Supported by modern logistics, innovative finance and information technology, with the advantages from economic zone at the west bank of Taiwan Strait and the project's location, and for the aims of business mode, technology integration and supply chain financial innovation, this project will be built into an international supply chain management head office that is rooted in Xiamen, covers economic zone at the west bank of Taiwan Strait, and serves the global market. This will construct business, technology and service environments favorable to rapid growth of manufacturing and trade industries and motivate various enterprises along the supply chain to focus on their core businesses and accelerate outsourcing of non-core businesses, thereby professionalizing, optimizing and integrating supply chain to reach the most cost effective effect with the highest efficiency.